Houses.Direct is no longer taking new clients.

However, Craig Blackmon, founder and operator, continues his innovative law practice. And he is still committed to increasing value for consumers in the real estate industry. To see what Houses.Direct looked like in its prime, scroll down.... [links updated]

Sell your house in the 21st Century.

The internet has changed pretty much everything -- except real estate. Today home buyers find their own homes, but sellers still pay for two real estate agents. 

we market houses directly to buyers 

We use "For Sale By Owner" (FSBO) channels to market our properties directly to buyers. This means we don't have to offer a buyer's agent commission -- so you save (more than $20,000 on an average Seattle house).

Market pressure = lower commissions

Buyers should of course work with real estate agents, who are dedicated and valuable professionals. It's just that buyers should negotiate and pay that fee themselves.  

The future of real estate is here.



We can help you sell using For Sale By Owner marketing channels. You'll $ave Thousands!

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You can reduce your costs by hiring your own real estate professional -- without the conflict of interest.

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see our direct listings of homes for sale

A "direct listing" is a home for sale where the buyers are responsible for paying their own agent. Sensible, right? Yet an elusive evolution, to say the least. We've got the first site dedicated to giving these listings a marketing platform.


We have the resources you need to be successful in buying or selling a home without the middleman. From the necessary forms, to "how to" advice, to other experts to help at every stage in the process (and for sellers some great marketing materials) -- we've got the goods.

our great real estate blog

Craig Blackmon, founder, is a long-time blogger in real estate. Find some of his best work here. Plus we're always adding new authors for different insight and knowledge.


Learn all about Houses.Direct: What it is, what it does, and who is behind it.

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Local Seattle real estate news, statistics, and commentary without the sales spin, since 2005. Learn more.

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