FSBO Saves $$$

Save a Ton Selling FSBO

Thinking of selling a home For Sale By Owner, or FSBO? It's no secret, in many cities today it is a great time to be a seller - Seattle more than anywhere else! It leads the nation in housing market growth. So it's a great time to sell your home FSBO. 

Tens of thousands of dollars!

How much more money when you sell FSBO? The typical seller pays 6% in broker commissions. The average price for a home in Seattle is north of $700k. So the average For Sale By Owner seller can save more than Forty Grand. 'Nuff said.

How does an FSBO seller save so much money? 

A long time ago - before invention of the internet - real estate brokers were the only ones who knew which homes were for sale. So sellers had to hire two different agents to sell their home: one to "list" the home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and one to help a buyer find it. 

This is still how the industry works today - even though the world has, uh... changed a little. A seller pays 2-3% to a listing agent, plus another 3% to a buyer's agent. But buyers find houses for sale themselves using Zillow and other online tools. Sellers don't need to pay someone to "find" a buyer. Sellers just don't have to pay as much in commissions anymore. FSBO is a great option.

FSBO sounds like a lot of work - can I get help?

For Sale By Owner has been around a very long time. And it's well known that FSBO is a lot of work

That's exactly where we come in. We offer a range of services to help you be successful in selling your home, ranging from FREE (not a misprint) to our Platinum Level of service. Which is pretty much exactly like working with any other real estate broker - just waaaaaay cheaper. 

We are the only real estate firm in Western Washington that can provide this assistance. 

FSBO means I can still use an agent?

Yup! As crazy as that sounds, that's absolutely right.

For a long time, For Sale By Owner sellers used the MLS to sell their home - the very system controlled by high-priced real estate brokers. And that is still true today. Every other real estate firm offering FSBO services requires the seller to offer a buyer's agent commission (the price of admission to the MLS). And guess what? It always ends up being the same ol' 3%.

Those days are ready to slip into history. And Houses.Direct is here to make that happen. We use Zillow and other non-MLS online platforms to advertise your home for sale. Plus of course all the usual professional-grade marketing materials you expect from a top shelf broker. 

The result? Our clients save a ton of money. The full 6%? Not necessarily, because in real estate everything is negotiable. But once the buyer has to talk about the commission with the buyer's agent, that 3% will fall like rock. Our sellers pay less, guaranteed. Way less.

What does FSBO really mean anyways?

Yes, it is a bit confusing. Essentially it means that an owner is trying to sell a home without using at least one of the two agents normally involved  in a sale (the listing agent, and the buyer's agent).

Historically, the seller would forego the listing agent. The seller would do all the work of marketing the home themselves. However, the seller still offered the full 3% commission to any buyer's agent.

Which just doesn't make any sense today, not when there are alternatives to the MLS.  So today, Houses.Direct offers a new take on the FSBO model. You get a seller's agent, someone to either help you, or take the lead in, selling the home. And the buyer's agent is paid by - GASP! - the buyer.

Revolutionary stuff. But the world - even the real estate world - will evolve eventually.