Pre-MLS Listing

A recent innovation in the marketing of residential real estate, courtesy of Houses.Direct and its founder’s vision for the future of real estate. The key is to use a true single broker listing, and NOT an MLS “pocket listing.” With a pre MLS listing, the seller first markets the home outside of the MLS – which means primarily via Zillow but also other methods, both high tech and tried-and-true.

If the pre-MLS marketing efforts aren't successful, the broker gets the chance to refer the seller to an MLS agent. There the seller will get all of the exposure of the MLS at the typical cost.

So there is no real risk to the seller. Time on Zillow does not count as "days on market" on the MLS. If pre-MLS doesn't get the seller an acceptable price (with far less incurred in broker fees), the property shows as "New on Market!" when it appears on the MLS. There has been no loss in luster as a result of first trying the non-MLS route.