Seattle Housing Market

An Historic Seller's Market in Seattle

There are now two different housing markets in the United States: The Seattle housing market, and every other housing market. This isn't an exageration:

Thank you Seattle Times!! Remember, news isn't free. Subscribe today!!

Thank you Seattle Times!! Remember, news isn't free. Subscribe today!!

Is Seattle the hottest housing market in the U.S.? Absolutely. Which means it is a fantastic place to sell a house. You certainly don't need to hire two real estate agents to sell a home in the Seattle market.

Why two real estate brokers?

Every broker is a member of the local MLS. So when you hire an agent to sell your home (a listing agent), that agent in turn must hire a second agent to "bring a buyer" (a selling agent). This, despite the fact that (1) buyers find homes themselves, and (2) the buyer's agent by law works for the buyer - so shouldn't the buyer pay the fee incurred? It's the future of real estate.

One Agent Enough in Seattle Housing Market

But today, in this crazy Seattle housing market, you likely don't need an agent at all. You probably don't need any fancy marketing materials either. In some neighborhoods, people have stopped to asking their friends to sell them a home - their friends' home. Awkward silence usually ensues. This Seattle market is an historic seller's market. 

But selling a house is a ton of work, and worth a mountain of money (the average home in Seattle is now worth than $700k). So it makes sense to hire a real estate professional to make sure you get the best result possible.

Use FSBO channels in the Seattle Housing Market

Thanks to another Seattle startup, sellers get the online exposure they need without having to list on the MLS. The catch? It has to be listed as "For Sale By Owner."

Houses.Direct is in the FSBO business! More accurately, we'll give you the level of real estate services you need to sell your home for the lowest possible fee possible. You'll save money. Lots and lots of money. The average Seattle seller can save about $40,000. Also known as a year of college. Or a trip around the world.

You don't need to incur a 6% commission to sell a home in the Seattle housing market. You can do much, much better. Seattle neighborhoods are highly sought, and you can sell successfully for much, much less in broker commissions.