Selling a Home in Seattle? Start FSBO!

We're headed into another historic seller's market in Seattle in 2018, with yet another new low of inventory in December. Quite simply, it's easy to sell a house in Seattle!! So easy, in fact, that paying a 6% commission is probably a giant waste of money.

On an average Seattle home, that's about $45 Grand. Instead of paying brokers that kind  of money, wouldn't you rather take a trip around the world? Or pay for a year's worth of college?

Maximize Your Profit

Selling a home is a process. It begins with the decision to sell, followed by a lot of hard work to "prep" the home for market. It's a big job, and for good reason - there is a lot of money at stake. You want to get the best price possible.

Shouldn't you reduce your costs, too? Here in Washington, a seller can expect to incur 9% of the price in transaction costs: 1.78% to the Tax Man; 1+% for title and escrow; and 6% (ouch!!) to the real estate brokers. 

There are massive savings to be realized in that 6%. These days, thanks to another Seattle startup (that made it!), home buyers use the internet to find their next house. So sellers can today advertise directly to home buyers while bypassing the real estate brokers and their high commissions.

To do so, a seller goes FSBO (or For Sale By Owner). Does that mean the seller has to do everything herself??? Thankfully, no. 

We Help Sellers Sell FSBO

We consider "FSBO" to mean simply that the seller isn't offering a commission to a buyer's agent. That's the old way of selling a home, via the MLS and its Selling Office Commission. When selling FSBO, a seller doesn't offer a buyer agent's commission.

But the seller can still hire a broker to market and sell the home. That's what we do! We're the only real estate firm that isn't a member of the MLS. So we list and sell your home using the internet instead of the MLS.

Start - but Maybe not Finish - FSBO

Selling is a process, so why not start the process FSBO? Pick a number that makes you happy. Then put the home on the market. 

One of two things will happen: Either you sell it and save most of that 6% (hooray!); or you don't, and then move the listing to the MLS. When it appears on the MLS, it will show as a brand new listing. There is no drawback at all if you try to sell the house before resorting to the MLS and its insanely high broker commissions.

So start the selling process there. Give us a shout if you have any questions or think we can help.