Buying a house or condo? Be smarter.

Buying a home these days is a big deal. And in a market like Seattle, where there aren't enough sellers? Well, as the recently-arrived New Yorkers like to say, "Fuhgedaboudit." Here are some tools that might help you get across the finish line - maybe even with your sanity intact.


buy without an agent

The internet has changed everything, real estate included (from a buyer's perspective, anyway!). Now anyone can search the listings. Want some analysis of value? There are plenty of online tools that can help. But making an offer (i.e. "the paperwork")? It's tough to do by yourself. And it's exactly what a lawyer provides: legal services. Which, ironically, means you can save some money too. Most sellers offer a 3% commission. If you forego an agent, you can waive any claim to that 3%. This, in turn, gives you instant negotiation leverage on the price.


Resources for buyers

Buying a house is sorta like giving the pitch of your life to your boss's boss: You can't be over-prepared. We've got all sorts of great insight, forms, and other tools to give you the best chance at success possible:



In this inventory-starved market, you never know where you might find that diamond - maybe in the rough, maybe not. Most importantly, though, our sellers aren't offering a commission to a buyer's agent. This means a bunch of good things: 1) You get a representative without the conflict of interest that comes with a typical real estate agent; 2) You get to decide how much to pay your agent; and 3) The reduced transaction cost means you're getting a better deal.