Need resources for buying or selling a home? You're in a good spot.

Here are the resources you need to have the best chance at success. Are you selling For Sale By Owner - FSBO? Are you thinking about buying without using a realtor? Great stuff below.


buyer & seller real estate pros

Don't even think about trying to do it yourself. Actually, it's impossible. You'll need help. Selling? You'll need a title insurer, and maybe an appraiser, a stager, or a photographer. Buying? You'll probably need a lender, and a general home inspector at least. Everyone could use a lawyer. Find 'em all here.

real estate forms

A real estate transaction begins - formally and legally - with a signed written contract. Plus, almost every seller has to provide a buyer with a specific written disclosure - or two (if its a condo). Forms are at the heart of real estate. We've got what you need to buy or sell a typical home in Washington State.


for sale Signs, etc.

If you're selling, you'll need marketing materials. A For Sale yard sign. An Open House sign. How about flyers? We've got the materials you need to attract the biggest number of buyers possible without incurring the costs of the MLS.

insight & tools

Changing the world - and saving a bunch of money - isn't easy. We've got the insight and tools you need to have the best chance at success in buying or selling a home - with or without the help of a real estate agent. 

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