Selling a house or apartment? Start with a Single Broker Listing.

We can help you sell your house or condo - and save a ton of money in the process. Our secret? We don't offer a buyer's agent commission. Because these days, sellers just don't have to offer one in order to "find" a buyer. Buyers find them. We call it a Single Broker Listing - a true MLS alternative.

Save a ton of money

Our services range from free - yes FREE - to our Platinum Package. But in order to effectively market your house, formally you need to be selling "For Sale By Owner" (or FSBO). Why? Because that is the only way to get your listing on Zillow. And Zillow is the only effective alternative to using the Multiple Listing Service. You gotta skip the MLS if you want to cut out the middleman - and save a ton of money in the process. It's the magic of a single broker listing.

Here's how we can help


List with us

Hang your virtual "For Sale" sign here on Houses.Direct, where we get lots of real estate traffic, including buyers. And get a real "For Sale" sign, installed.

Cost: Free!


FSBO GOLD package

You'll List with Us, plus get the full arsenal of marketing materials for maximum exposure: professional grade For Sale yard sign, color flyers, and Open House signs. Plus we'll provide our Forms, and help out with the Zillow listing.

cost: $1000


FSBO platinum package

List with Us + Full Service. We provide all of the services of your typical real estate broker: price analysis, a great listing, pro-grade yard sign, flyers, hosted open houses, Forms, and a high tech keybox. Everything but the MLS and its high cost! A true single broker listing.

cost: $5000