We sell houses. But not like anyone else.

Houses.Direct is a unique real estate firm dedicated to modernizing how houses are sold. In Seattle, an average seller using our services can save up to $40,000 or so. This is how we do it.

The Future of Real Estate is Here.

Today, the real estate industry works pretty much the same way it worked when it formed more than a hundred years ago. The Multiple Listing Service - or MLS - dates to the 1800's. Well suited to the 19th Century, the MLS model today is inefficient, expensive, and poorly serves all consumers, sellers and buyers. Houses.Direct is modernizing real estate.   


Real estate through the years

From the beginning, real estate brokers worked with each other and shared their commissions. That's why sellers have always paid two agents to sell their house, one to help them and one to bring a buyer. Both agents worked for the seller.

The internet changed everything by giving consumers new options and new market access. Today, nearly every buyer searches the web. More than half find their homes themselves, online and without an agent.  

Since 1996, by law a buyer's agent works for and owes a duty to the buyer, even though paid by the seller. 


The problem

Yet sellers still pay the buyer's agent. Known as the "Selling Office Commission," this seller-paid fee creates two giant problems.

First, it keeps commissions artificially high. Because the fee is paid by someone other than the customer, there is no meaningful downward market pressure on it. Today - just like 100 years ago - the buyer's agent is almost always paid 3% by the seller.

Second, this fee creates an obvious and real conflict of interest, which isn't resolved simply with a law that says it's OK. Like they say, "follow the money."

 This creates a conflict of interest...

This creates a conflict of interest...


the solution

Thanks to Zillow, sellers can finally stop offering this commission. This means that agents will have to look to buyers, their clients, for their fee. Lower commissions will soon follow, reducing overall transaction costs -- a win for everyone.

Moreover, if buyers pay buyers' agents, the conflict of interest at the heart of real estate is resolved. POOF! Gone. Suddenly we will live in a world where the interests of buyers and their agents are aligned.

It will be a better world. And it is surely the future of real estate. Or do you think sellers will pay buyer's agents forever....

we're dedicated to making real estate more efficient

These days, Zillow doesn't allow non-MLS agents to list on Zillow. However, Zillow still allows sellers to post their homes "For Sale By Owner." Accordingly. we offer the FSBO assistance you need to sell your home without having to pay the buyer's agent.

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